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About Us

Work Approach

Our modus operandi disregards traditional real estate activities, paying attention to the customers needs, providing them a comprehensive support, relieving ahead of time the clients of their tasks, that could cause them trouble before, during and after the deal.

The importance to provide this kind of service, allows us to solve issues and go straight to the next step, the goal achievement goal!


Goal Achievement

Having received the documents from the client, we find out more about the property, along with partnership with our team of trained professionals, solving problems where is possible, even before finding a probable purchaser.

This way of working makes us effective from the beginning, giving to the parties all the information about the property, building a strong customer trust useful for deal closure.

Our Office
In the heart of the Flaminio district just a few steps from the Ponte della Musica

Our services

Real estate brokerage

CASEDIROMA mainly focuses on trade and rent of residential and commercial properties (apartments, villas and buildings), properties management increasing their profitability and their value. CASEDIROMA is associated with FIAP, Italian federation of professional real estate agents, the main trade association, which allows us to interact with over 11.000 brokers all over the Italian territory, to meet the needs of our clients.

Market value assumption

CASEDIROMA performs for his clients an accurate analysis to find a fair market value assumption, benefiting from all the professional tools currently available, along with the professional experience of his team.

Technical details

With the assistance of our technicians, professionals and companies, we resolve on behalf of our clients the possible tasks encumbered on properties, such as energy performance certificate, findings, cadastral updating, urbanization practices, building sanction, restore the interior etc)

Due Diligence

To guarantee a trusted purchase, we check immediately the property documents, carrying out a deepen regulation analysis, cadastral, mortgage and very important condominium issues, often neglected.

Who are our partners

Over the thirty years of his activity, CASEDIROMA has chosen prepared professionals and companies offering to his clients highly qualified support and service.

Notary and engineering offices, surveyors specialized in cadastral and urbanistic, primary credit union to offer the best tools to purchase properties in our portfolio, as well as architecture offices, prestigious interior design and lighting stores.