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“New York, a city that you either love or hate but when it gets into your heart you can’t do without returning there”. For over thirty years, Giorgio Sgobbi has been falling in love with this fascinating city, turning his passion into a work opportunity, to share with those who have the same feelings. Thanks to the collaboration with an Italian broker with proven professionalism, Riccardo Ravasini, we will be able to direct and assist you in the purchase or lease of an apartment, allowing you to immediately consult the database of all properties on the New York market. Our function as a “Buyer broker”, that is the real estate agent of the buyer, is to offer an advisory service to the investor and to propose him all the real estate properties on the market, interacting with others brokers on behalf of the client (“Seller brokers” – that is the real estate agent of the seller).
According to the US legislation, in case of purchase, the commission will be paid in full by the seller, guaranteeing our customer zero commissions. Taking advantage of our service during the purchase phase is therefore extremely convenient, we will be at your side in all phases of the process, from the selection of the real estate unit to the closure of the purchase or lease contract, advising you on the most suitable strategies to maximize your investment, saving you the draining effort of “doing it yourself”. If during the individual search you find a property of your interest, please fill-out the form for the selected property and you will be contacted by us or feel free to call us for additional information.


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